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e-Course Bundle Exclusive

$75 $98

This Bundle Package Includes THREE eCourse exclusives:
(Total Value is $147!)

eCourse 1:
A Brain-Based Enneagram Video Series eCourse
All-Nine ($49)

eCourse 2:
A Brain-Based Enneagram Video Series eCourse
Expressions ($49)

Self-Care Video BONUS:
Practical Applications for Self-Care ($49 Value)
3 Exclusive Self-Care Videos & Custom Sketchnotes (Infographics)
The Six Basics
Reframe & Rebound
Hopeful, Grateful Learning

BONUS Artwork
9 mobile wallpaper options
1 free art print (8 x 10)

Lifestyle Strategies
The Whole Identity Profile Template
Instructions for Completing Your Own WIP
Lifestyle Strategies for Daily Brain Health